TABC Certification for Texas State Fair Vendors

The State Fair of Texas is expected to attract nearly 3 million visitors during its month-long run, which features rides, games, music, and world-renowned cuisine. For more information about the fair, visit

Texas State Fair alcohol vendors will be responsible for actively promoting the responsible sale, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, but more importantly, maintaining a safe and friendly family atmosphere.

Take a Texas TABC Alcohol Certification Course

Prior to the event , all alcohol serving vendors should take an TABC Certification – alcohol service training course. Training must at minimum include information about Wisconsin state statutes, WSF policies and procedures specific to your business.

TABC Officials and Presence

When the 131st State Fair of Texas kicks off September 29, 2017, representatives from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission will be on hand to ensure safety and smooth operations at the more than two dozen TABC-licensed vendors operating within the fair park.

Among those responsibilities is ensuring vendors and their employees keep customer safety in mind when selling and serving alcoholic beverages, said Tana Travis, TABC licensing supervisor for the Arlington region.

During the fair, TABC Enforcement agents will visit vendors – both covertly and openly – to ensure compliance with the state’s alcohol statutes.

Texas TABC and State Fair Contacts